ridi 13 cnc


ridi 13 blackedition cnc


● Digital Touchscreen copy CNC diamond cut machine

● With 3D camara ,laser and measuresensor

● No programation or data library required

● Several wheel profiles available

● Aprox. 4 min reading and 4 min for cutting a wheel

● Easy to handle no specific knowless needed

● For wheel fixing up to 27 inches

● Original European CE and ISO9001 certification

● Except the boddy fully installed and developed in Spain

● The machine is full installed starting up the blanked steel Boddy. Every electrical, software as also moving parts are developed and fixed in our Main factory from Leon Spain.

● Actualisation and technical support via remote control from the factory

● German top quality cutter

● Optional - Remote diactnostic and maintenance worldwide directly with the factory (Premium packege 500€ per year aditional)

ridi 13 blackedition cnc

This new Digital CNC diamond cut copy machine can cut several surface designs.

You dont need to make programations or to install a data library.

Set the Start and end position and start to read the wheel with our own inovation reading system.

The reading time depends of the wheel but we it is about 4 minutes.

The cutting time is also about aprox. 4 minutes.

All features are handled by the Handcontrol and the Touchscreen Monitor.

For supervising the wheel before and after repairing is a 3D camara installed.

The machines is starting up the Boddy full installed ,developed and fixed in our own Spain Factory in Leon.

Our Company is manufacturing several years now special technology parts for specific Companys worldwide.

We have own technical support and all spare parts as services are offered directly by us.

For 500€/per year you can buy an special Premium Pack service offered directly from the factory.

With this Premium Pack is a monthly maintenance,actualisation and general check of the machine possible.

So we can prevent possible damages and check that everything is running as well.


It is improtant to know that this machine is only to copy the several surface cutting designs.

The wheels must be repaired and fixed before using the machine.

This machine is a high technology tool not a cutting machine for other industrial work as cutting the sirfaces of the wheels.

By any problems or hotline support needed please contact us urgently.